Stumbling Stones in Regensburg

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Stumbling stones remind us of the names of people who fell victim to Nazi terror. In order to keep the memory of them alive, Gunter Demnig, the project initiator, has laid more than 180 stones in Regensburg so far. 


This book tells their stories in an exemplary way and describes how the Nazi regime deprived them of their rights, harassed, tortured and finally deported them. 

These biographies honor the victims and encourage us to stand up for peace and charity in the 21st century.


Stumbling Stones in Regensburg • By Sylvia Seifert | Translated from German by Margaret Klug Scheperle and Georg Luft • ISBN 978-3-934941-97-7 • Paperback 20 x 14 cm • 45 pictures • 216 pages • 13,90 € [D] | 14,30 € [A]

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